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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why Was a Company Like Angels Press Needed?

A.  Today many women and their families need help.  Angels Press was created to help women make better decisions in their lives. 
Women need to become more empowered. Empowerment is simply having the options and choices to make good decisions in your life. 

  • People who are empowered: 1) Have access to information, 2) They know how to go from point A to point Z, and 3) They live a more fulfilled life.  

  • People who are not empowered: 1) Don't have access to information, 2) Don't know how to go from point A to point B, and 3) They worry about things that they don't have any control over. 

Q.  How Does Angels Press Plan on Empowering Their Customers and Clients?  

A.  Angels Press plan on empowering their customers and clients by teaching everyone how to be self-sufficient by using their own skills, talents and passions to start and run their own business ventures, while they uplift themselves in other areas of their lives.

Our niche markets will be “health" and "business." We believe that "If You Are Not Healthy -- It Will be Extremely Hard to Be Wealthy!"   

Because of all the misinformation, misconceptions, old wives tales, urban legends and community myths that is plaguing the community at this time, many people, especially women, don’t understand how to empower themselves.

Q.  What are Angels Press’ Services and Products?

A.  Angels Press services and products include empowerment Seminars, Workshops, Webinars/Teleseminars and Consultations with a line of products including E-books, Paperbacks and Audiobooks.

Q.  Who Works with Angels Press?

A.  The company is family-owned.  Angels Press was founded by CEO, President and Publisher Cathy Harris.  Cathy's daughter who graduated with a Master's Degree in English and Creative Writing is the Vice President and Senior Editor.  Other employees are contract employees.

Q.  Who are Angels Press’ Target Audience?

A.  Angels Press target audience is women who has had a temporary setback because of the current administration, the outsourcing of jobs and the downsizing of corporations. 

Q.  What Makes Angels Press Services and Products Different from Other Companies?

A.  Angels Press has a high degree of professionalism and integrity and currently offers an array of services, which includes flexible scheduling.  

Our services and products are vitally important in today's fast paced world since an increasing number of families have become dependent on two incomes and the need for quality services, products, and community training has skyrocketed.  

Q.  Why Should the Community Use These Services and Products?

A.  Our Services and Products:

  • Will solve problems in the community
  • Will move customers from victims – to survivors – to individuals that excel
  • Will help everyone set short range and long range goals
  • Will continue to educate the community after the instructors or trainers are no longer there

Q.  Why Should My Youth Open a Business?

A.  The Reasons Your Youth Should Open a Business include:

  • To grow into a responsible adult and humanitarian
  • To help their family out financially
  • To improve the conditions in the community
  • To pay for their entire college education
  • They have no other choice because of the economy

Q.  Why Should Adults Open a Business?

A.  The Reasons Adults Should Open a Business include:

  • One out of our every two marriages ends in divorce because of finances so families need to start a business
  • Many families dream of having their own businesses
  • Families don’t want their kids to be latch key kids
  • Families are sick of office politics (workplace abuse, etc.)
  • Families are sick of driving to work in traffic
  • If your spouse moves, it’s better to open a business, instead of getting another job
  • Families have no other choice because of the economy
Where Empowerment...and Dreams Begin" 

Cathy Harris
Speaker, Author, Coach