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Business & Marketing Testimonials 

Before I attended one of Cathy’s seminars, I thought all marketing were too expensive for me to afford.  But her seminars showed me how I could get major exposure for my company by using free publicity and low-cost marketing techniques.   

-Felicia Smith, CEO, Micah Realty

As an author and credit consultant, Cathy Harris reality-based business and marketing seminars showed me how to use “out of the box thinking” to get major coverage for my company and the distribution of my book. 

-Claude Anderson, Pyramid Publishing

Cathy Harris successful background combined with her mix of government, entrepreneurial, non-profit and consulting experiences - uniquely sets her seminars and workshops apart from others. 

-Ed Brown, Founder, Core Edge Image and Charima                    Institute, Inc.     

What sets Cathy’s seminars and workshops apart from others is her ability to guide you to the resources that is out there to assist you. She also provides relevant information about those resources so you will have several options to move forward. 

-Clarietha Allen, Co-Founder, Georgia Employee Federation

When I met Cathy Harris, I was so depressed that my son was in jail. But Cathy Harris seminars and workshops showed me how to empower myself and other mothers facing the same dilemma by forming my own non-profit organization.  She even showed me how to have a business set up for my son when he is released from jail.    

-Priscilla Barnes, Founder, Mothers Against Judicial                     Injustice Nationwide (MAJIN)                                     

As a young activist, I met Cathy Harris a few years ago and she started mentoring me.  In 2004, I won Miss Black Georgia and is considering running for office one day.  Ms. Harris’ hands-on seminars and workshops will show anyone how to excel to that next level in their lives.

-Katesha Sagers-Aguayo, Former Miss Black Georgia

Cathy Harris seminars and workshops clears up mis-information and community myths.  She provides hard hitting statistical facts from the research she has conducted. 

-Kenne Walker, Founder, Dare2Care Technologies

Cathy Harris seminars and workshops gave us the guidance we needed to expand our areas of operations to many other cities.   We now have 7 chapters of our non-profit organization.  

-Gerald Rose, Founder, New Order, Cobb County, GA  

Cathy Harris will tell you the truth about Multi-Level Marketing and how it has played a major role in delaying the dreams of many people in the community.  She helps you realize, if you have time to get involved with these pyramid schemes, then you have time to start your own business.  

-Michelle Aston, New Business Owner

Cathy's seminars and workshops provide options for anyone with a criminal record and can’t find a job.  My organization will be working closely with her as we provide options for many young people being released from jail.

-Judith Skidmore, Founder, Mothers Advocating Juvenile Justice

Cathy Harris seminars and workshops taught us how to re-evaluate the needs of our company. She is assisting us with writing a book. Her easy hands-on instructions of how to go from point A to point B, is highly recommmended by my company.  

-Viola Davis, Co-Founder, Unhappy Taxpayer and Voter             Campaign

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