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Topics from "The New CEO"
  • Top Businesses for Animal Lovers
  • Top Businesses for Writers
  • Top Businesses for People Who Like Cars
  • Top Businesses for People Who Like Computers
  • Top Businesses for People Who Like to Cook/Bake
  • Top Businesses for People Who Like to Sew/Crafts
  • Top Businesses for People With Green Thumbs
  • Top Businesses for People Who Are Good With Their Hands
  • Top Businesses for People Who Like Photography or Music
  • Top Businesses Dealing with Parties/Entertainment
  • Top Businesses for Stay At Home Moms
  • Top Businesses Dealing with Children and Babies

Topics from "A Self-Help Guide 
To Starting Your Own Business"
  • Top Sign of the Time Businesses You Can Start Within Two                         Weeks for Youths and Adults  
  • Top Steps to Write a Business Plan
  • Top Steps to Find Financing for Your Business
  • Top Legal Aspects of Your Business
  • Top Free Publicity and Low-Cost Marketing Tips
  • Top Business Myths, Mistakes and Scams
  • Top Steps To Form Business Alliances, Strategic Partnerships and           Co-ops with Other Businesses                

Topics from "How To Write A Book"​
  • Top 7 Steps to Publish a Book (ebook, paperback, audiobook)
  • Top Steps to Open Your Own Company 
  • Top Steps to Become a Ghostwriter, Editor, Proofreader, Typesetter, Freelancer, Columnist, etc.
  • Top Steps to Write a Business Plan
  • Top Steps to Find Financing 
  • Top Free and Low-Cost Marketing Tips 
  • Top Steps to Write a Book About Your Life or Industry
  • Top Legal Aspects of Your Writing or Publishing Business
  • Top Myths, Mistakes and Scams in the Writing Industry

  • Natural and Holistic Health Training
  • Business Workshops for Youth and Adults
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing Workshops for E-books, Paperbacks and Audiobooks
  • Workplace and Whistleblower Training Workshops
  • Personal Development Workshops (Self-Esteem, Etiquette, Hygiene, etc.)
  • Goal Setting/Dream Mapping Workshops
  • Train the Trainer Workshops

Webinar Topics Coming Soon

  • 7 Steps To Empower YOU
  • 7 Steps To Writing A Book
  • 7 Steps To Starting Your Own Business
  • 7 Steps to Becoming Healthier  
  • 7 Steps To Engage in A Full-Body Detox Program 
  • 7 Steps To A Beautiful Smile 
  • 7 Steps To Beautiful Skin
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